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Celadon Sea Bed Teapot

Celadon Sea Bed Teapot

SKU: 0099

This teapot exhibits the beautiful sea shell, urchins and soft sponge pods that could be seen in the beautiful Bahamian waters while scubba diving or even simply when out for a simple swim. Hand crafted and glazed with a low fired celadon glaze on the outside and coral inside.  Food safe.  Hand wash as oppose to dishwashing machine.


    The theme of this teapot is the beauty of the Bahamian waters expecially on the Family Islands.  It is not uncommon to see or find these beautiful sea treasures like the  spinny sea urchin, starfishes, coral reefs and sponges.  This teapot was hand made and slip casted using mid-range stoneware clay and glazes.  Food safe.  This teapot can be used but should be regarded as a one of a kind piece of artwork. Not dishwasher friendly. Wash gently by hand.


    JTS Ltd.'s return policy requires that should an item(s) be purchased and delivered damaged the item(s) would be fully replaced free of charge.  However, the client (hereinafter referred to as the purchaser) will have to assume responsibility for all shipping and handling charges.  Damages MUST be reported within 24 hours of receiving artwork upon delivery, along with a photograph.   If dissatisfied with the product we will replace it with an item(s) that is of equal or lesser value.


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    Products are shipped directly out of artist's manufacturing studio via DHL and then on to the customer.  Turnaround time should be next day unless DHL states otherwise, at which time the client will be notified.  JTS Ltd.  only ships products with DHL courier company.  DHL have made special provisions for delivering artwork ( especially three-dimensional works of art) that have ensured as much as possible, safe delivery of pieces without damage.   We cannot guarantee cancellation of your order once it has been shipped.  We cannot ship to a hotel or resort.  We reserve the right to cancel your order if the address provided proves to be the aforementioned location.  We apologize for any inconvenience caused.  Any other information you may need regarding shipping, you can forward to 

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