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Jessica Colebrooke is a well-established Bahamian ceramicist, situated on the island of New Providence, in the city of Nassau.  Jessica produces fine art pottery, tile murals, and sculptures along with her signature superbly authentic souvenirs and tableware line and whimsical teapots under Jessica’s Tileworks Studio Ltd. portfolio (  


Jessica’s evolving ceramic art career began over 25 years ago with her work emphasizing her love and interest in the botanical and marine ecosystems.  This is partly a result of Jessica’s influence by her mom and her dad.  Her father is a taxidermist who would eat his catch and then preserve the carcasses of those sea creatures like sea crabs, crawfish, and barracuda and put them up for sale.   Her mom (deceased) was a dedicated florist who loved making floral arrangements, painting flowers, and gardening. 


Motifs of marine and botanical scenery are constantly intertwined in the theme in Colebrooke’s ceramic work and are clearly exhibited on the artwork offered for sale on this website (check out the ARTIST GALLERY page).

Jessica has exhibited both locally and internationally, and her work can be found in remarkably prestigious collections in the USA, China, Africa, and Britain.

Jessica at work 2013  5.JPG
Presentation to Prince Harry.JPG

Presentation made to Prince Harry

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